The People

After too many years of running I wanted a new physical challenge that would maintain the fitness levels but relieve the boredom of pounding the pavements. Mark has always been an advocate for cycling and maintained that JOGLE was far less painful than running a marathon. Tempted by the idea of taking in some scenery, enjoying hearty meals and being able to consume unlimited amounts of Haribo I was easily persuaded in to signing up to a 1000 mile cycle through France. Factor in some French wine and I was sold. 14 days on a bike is however an entirely new concept and it is with some trepidation and much excitement that I approach this trip. Having recently discovered the benefits of clip in pedals, what could possibly go wrong?"


This is the latest in a series of crazy challenges. In 2006 I cycled from John O'Groats to Lands End with Adam and Dan. A couple of years later Richard, Matt and I raced Adam, Dan and Johny and a few hundred others in Belize's annual La Ruta Maya - a gruelling 4 day 170 mile canoe race from one side of the country to the other. Last year was the year of the marathon in which Becci, Ian and I ran Edinburgh's 26.2 mile race in 26c heat!

For this years challenge, I'll not only have to cycle the 1000 miles but, if Ian gets his way, he'll be sneaking the kitchen sink into my panniers along with his 10 t-shirts and 10 shorts!


Being a born genius and a man in impeccable physical condition, who is just at the right age to reach his peak as a sportsman this challenge should not pose any difficulty. The training, has gone well, and like the bike, has produced a well oiled machine.

There should be no problems as long as the others are willing to wait at the top of the hills!!!! and they remember that some legs have to work a little harder than others. And listen to the shouts from behind, 'Don't leave me!!!!'


I'm just hoping to survive the two weeks!