Destination Barcelona

The last day and an 88 mile slog ahead. The route has been pretty dull today, mainly 1 road all the way & a busy one at that. Attempts at detours have been hard work with gravelly tracks or one way turns to get back on the main road, which meant crossing the non stop traffic.

A few bike issues with Mark & Luc both suffering from buckled rear wheels. Our breaks have been by the side of the road or at a petrol station & food was a disappointing pizza about 25 miles out of the city. But after our late lunch the road got easier with the wind in our favour and our average speed increased dramatically. Barcelona’s skyline came in to view round the coast and eventually our efforts were rewarded as our trusty bikes limped towards Sagrada Familia, the city’s iconic unfinished temple.

A few celebratory photos outside & we’ve done it!

Mr bump almost ended the trip with Ian but Luc stole it at the last minute after dropping his bike against his leg. Minor scrapes and bumps aside however, we have come through without major incident or injury and there is talk of more cycling for years to come.

Just time to enjoy the bottle of wine from the vineyard before a hard earned rest.

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