The Pyrenees - day 13

The big day arrived & after an unplanned fix of Ian’s bike (Luc broke the valve so new inner tube required) & a monster shop for supplies we set off for the mountains.

20 miles in and we stopped for milkshakes beside the sea before heading up. I think it is safe to say that we were all pleasantly surprised by the way the day panned out. It was as if the last 2 weeks have been training for that moment. We plodded up the hills in a way reminiscent of the marathon, extremely hot & steady.

The scenery was something else, shimmering blue sea to our left & frequent towns of terra-cotta colored houses contrasting with the harshness of the mountain terrain. Not happy that I rode over a small snake - suitably freaked out!

En route we met numerous cyclists including: John, 69 from Wakefield, met at the top of a hill, told us about his summers cycling the pyrenees, very happy to partake in our cola bottles; the german guy, reached the border at the same time we did, elated at having reached Spain after cycling from Vienna over 3 weeks, destination barcelona; the English guy who took our photo at the border; the guys from London, bickering after a big hill climb.

On reaching Spain we immediately noticed that getting food is much easier here. We had a late lunch of paella & spanish omelette beside the sea and later a drink beside the road at a restaurant that opened specially for us.

Tapas for dinner & a few drinks before bed.

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