To carcassonne - day 11

After a little lie in we decided to have breakfast in town rather than the hotel & enjoyed croissants at a bakery before setting off.

On leaving tolouse the Pyrenees soon came in to view & have been teasing us all day. I have to keep reminding the boys that the hills are not small, they’re far away!

Lunch was noteworthy today for it’s size & length. We enjoyed a traditional French casoulet with duck, sausages, beans & numerous other things thrown in. It was a stew better suited to a snowy ski trip than 30'+ & made us rather full for the afternoon. Just after we set off I was chased by yappy dog that I was convinced was going to get my ankle. Even peddling faster didn’t make it go away!

We arrived in carcassone, which is much more what we expected from french towns; a bustling square, bistros & chocolate shops. We took a stroll to the walled city & then enjoyed a much lighter meal in a creperie.

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