The long 'short' day - day 5

Last night deserves more than the passing comment I gave it yesterday. The wine tasting was actually drinking a bottle of champagne & a bottle of white wine and chatting to the owners and other guests. We then headed out to the only restaurant for some delightful French cuisine and some more local wine. When in ‘the loire’… We shared our meal with a friendly Australian, Paul, who was also staying in our hotel- he has taken a month off to tour France by car, and is no doubt enjoying the opportunity to drive away with a crate of wine from the vineyard- the downsides of cycling!

Today has again been gorgeous. We have stopped to admire many beautiful chateaux in sleepy villages. We nearly missed lunch again today but in fact stumbled on a restaurant (each town has 1) that was about to close but took pity on 4 hungry cyclists & offered us a 3 course chicken dinner- winner!

We made it to our hotel, Le Pigeonnier du Perron, which is a 15th century farm that once belonged to the philosopher Descartes. We are staying in the old pigeon loft, a suite of 2 floors with 9 beds. Im not sure who they thought was coming.

Mark quickly handed over the mr bump badge to Luc, who collided with the curb whilst avoiding a lorry. It didn’t stay with him long though. Becci fell in to clover half way up a hill which was really only fit for mountain bikes. The detour added a few miles to the day but sometimes common sense prevails, even if only after a crash!

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