A sunnier day – day 4

Day 4 has been more enjoyable all round. Blue skies & sunshine, beautiful scenery & plentiful haribo.
However we learned today that obtaining lunch in France is difficult unless you are willing and able to eat between 12 & 2! Luckily we stocked up in the supermarket this morning but lunch today has mainly consisted of cake or cereal bar type products, enjoyed in a village square.
The mr bump badge has changed hands twice with becci falling over spectacularly at the top of a small hill because mark didn’t want to put his wheel out in to the road & therefore stopped rather unexpectedly. Mark then earned the badge at the very last minute after crashing into the hotel entrance whilst trying to avoid a dog, who thought he was playing a game and climbed all over him.
The hotel is in fact a vineyard and we are just about to sample their wine before heading out for dinner.


The long and windy road – day 3

80 miler today was always going to be hard but none of us banked on it being monotonous. After an eventful route out of paris which included climbing a huge flight of steps, cycling down some winding back alleys, & walking through a street market we found ourselves on the road to Orleans – and a long, windy road it was, about 50 miles in a straight line surrounded by empty fields and wind farms. We did find a small village with a bar & an even smaller village where we stopped to eat our improvised packed lunch of bread & cheese purchased because France is pretty much asleep on a Sunday afternoon. 15 miles to go & we the rain came. We huddled by a barn out of the wind when the owner came out to us & offered us a cow shed to shelter in to wait out the shower.
The last 3 miles was also wet but we arrived at the most beautiful hotel, with a tumble drier & were driven into town for a very welcome burger dinner.





An English girl in Paris – day 2

…with 3 boys.

Ian earned the mr bump badge for falling off in the road, but don’t worry he’s ‘all rite’!
We seem to be a big hit with the locals, everyone is interested in what we are doing and wants to help us – filling water bottles, moving motorbikes so we can park our bikes etc.
Eiffel tower spotted first by Ian – although we’d put money on it being a pilon as it was a good few miles before we saw it for real.
70 miles travelled & 3 bags of haribo + we discovered smurf haribo!