80 miles, via cognac

Today was set up to be an 80 mile slog, but we set off early and reaped the rewards of a generally downhill day, arriving at our hotel by 5:15.
Lunchtime conveniently came as we were about to reach cognac so we enjoyed a glass while we ate. Treats today included a double sized pain au chocolat, a double chocolate macaroon & some chocolate bread – delicious!
After cycling past so many fields of dead sunflowers, and enjoying some hand picked sunflower seeds, we finally found a field of shining yellow, it was a van gogh painting in real life. I would recommend to anyone visiting France to do so earlier in September to enjoy the true spectacle.
Ian has retained mr bump but no additional falling off has occurred, our technique must be improving.
Our resting place tonight is a beautiful old house, with stripped wooden floors & antique furniture. I think we have the place to ourselves, which has worked out well for Ian & Luc who were presented with the prospect of a double bed for the first time, but luckily have been able to swap for a twin.


  • Suzy

    Sooooo jealous. I hope u got some photos of the Sunflowers for me. Sounds like ur all havin an amazing time. A week tomorrow till I join u all. Luc ur lucky u managed to get single beds u wouldn’t have got much sleep with Ian doing his full 360 degree bouncing turns in the night. I on the other hand am relishing in the fact that I can sleep like an X. (jokin Ian) . Looking forward to seeing you all and save some energy for when I meet u in Barcelona xxxxxxx 

  • Mum & dad J

    It all sounds like a delightful day, Glad the weather is holding up for you.

  • http://- Tim

    Sounds like it was a close one that, I’m sure Ian & Luc will top and tail at some point!

    Glad you’re enjoying it folks, very jealous – Haribo, cycling and wine, a fine trio!

  • Pottsy

    Well jealous! Looks and sounds wonderful. Keep going lads and lass and keep blogging. X

  • David Riley

    I’m sure Ians first words when he found out he was in a double bed would be “Bagsy being front spoon!”

  • Sian & Martin

    Hope you’ve all made it to Barcelona in one piece. Have a few San Miguel’s for us! Take care and see you soon. :-)